Got blocked drains? Midland Sewer Maintenance are your drainage cleaning experts!

Blocked drain specialists in Worcestershire & Birmingham

Blocked drains are a hotbed for harmful bacteria. Badly maintained drainage can eventually lead to blockages, so it is important to get maintenance checks done on a regular basis. At Midland Sewer Maintenance, we help you. In addition to regular maintenance work, we also undertake drainage cleaning work. In case if your drains are blocked and there’s water all over your house or commercial space or perhaps even worse, quickly get in touch with us, and we’ll take care of all the aspects for you. If your drains are backing up or merely smell nasty, we’ll identify and remove the cause of the problem with no big fuss. Your water will start draining away again before you even know it. Drain unblocking has to be done on time or the consequences can be huge, so, get in touch with us today.

How we can help with blocked drains

Is your sink or toilet draining slowly? Do you have bad smells coming from your drains? In this case, you need a drain unblocking expert to assist you. Areas we serve are: Worcestershire & Birmingham.
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Had a problem with my drains for a while and others have been and not sorted the problem, the lads at Midlands Sewer Maintenance really worked hard to fix the drain unblocking problem and now it is!!! Fast and reliable service, top top job
Customer from Worcester

Drain unblocking by Midland-Sewer-Maintenance

We strive to offer you the best in service as well as cost, to ensure that your blocked drain problem is dealt with efficiently. Additionally, we provide an emergency drainage service available 24/7. We ensure a 1-2 hour response time to all of our call outs. No matter what your problem is, we are here to help you!
Well, there is no other drainage service that I would call next time. Their efficiency in drainage services is highly recommendable! I will definitely get them for future business if needed be
Customer from Birmingham

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