Drain Dig-up Works & Repairs

Drain Dig-ups & Repairs in Worcestershire

Whether you are moving into a new property or renovating an old one, if you need help with drainage repair and maintenance then Midland Sewer Maintenance are here for you.

Drainage repairs in Worcestershire

It is not easy to clean and maintain underground drainage, but at Midland Sewer Maintenance in Worcestershire, we use state-of-the-art technology to survey the condition of your drains to check if a drain dig-up is required. Our plumbers are qualified to clean and repair your entire drainage system, including its structure.
Our team of experts will not only repair your drains but will also undertake reconstruction work, if required.

Our drainage repair services include:

  • Collapse repairs
  • Sewer diversion
  • Gully and soil stack repair
  • Root removals
  • Hand or mechanical digging
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