Sewer Cleaning Services across Worcestershire, Birmingham

Has it been a long time since you had sewer maintenance completed? Contact Midland Sewer Maintenance and see what the experts can do for you.

Sewer repair and cleaning made easy

Waste materials from homes and gardens can cause major damage to sewer systems if they are not checked on a regular basis. However, with Midland Sewer Maintenance it is never too late to get sewer cleaning done.

Not only do we undertake planned services, but we also cater to emergency requirements. We assess the situation and take appropriate actions to solve problems with sewers.

Call Midland Sewer Maintenance on 01386 552 169 to get free quotes on sewer repair and cleaning services in Worcestershire, Birmingham

Our drainage repair services include:

  • Blockage removal
  • Gully clearance
  • Drain jetting
  • Drain cleaning
  • Drain rodding
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